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National Press Club Events Should Never Be 'Off the Record'

No press allowed at the National Press Club? That's what a group hosting a former ambassador to Syria demanded earlier this month, and the Press Club obliged. Only after protesting was Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank allowed in -- as long as he treated the comments as "off the record." Journalists' outrage is leading the club to review policies that let event hosts set the ground rules. As our "Right to Report' columnist Lena Williams writes, "I don’t want to sound sanctimonious, but off-the-record speeches should never be held at an historic bastion of press freedom whose stated mission is to “enhance the profession of journalism.” Photo: A 2013 "on the record" Guild-sponsored panel discussion about media consolidation at the Press Club; our columnist, retired New York Times reporter Lena Williams, is second from left at table.

Global Media Couldn't Best Local Journalists in Ferguson

If you've read media blogs reporting on the Ferguson protests -- Poynter, Romenesko, CJR -- you've almost certainly read about St. Louis Post-Dispatch photojournalist David Carson. A star photographer and Guild member, Carson has been on the Ferguson beat since the day of the Michael Brown shooting, and his photojournalism continues to tell the story. Carson talks about his experience in this piece featured in the fall Guild Reporter, and thanks to him and the Post-Dispatch, we're able to show you several of his outstanding pictures. Even though Ferguson drew media from around the world, Carson writes, "I believe my coworkers and Newspaper Guild members at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch provided the most accurate source of information. Reporters, editors and my fellow photographers worked tirelessly to cover the story in print, online and on social media. The depth and breadth of the journalism we produced illustrates what an asset newspapers are to the community and why they’re still needed." The photo of Carson in riot gear was taken by a member of the police tactical team; the other photos you see are Carson's.