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Busy Multi-Council Meeting Keeps Members on Their Toes

Sixty-two Guild members from across the country, from union veterans to and brand-new local officers, convened in Orlando last weekend for a busy agenda of workshops and presentations, from training on bargaining under the Affordable Care Act to a discussions about activism as Guild members, stopping  workplace bullying, growing the Guild and much more. Based on his own and members' reviews, "I think it was a huge success," Guild President Bernie Lunzer said. 

Kaplan English Teachers Overwhelmingly Ratify 1st Contract

A nearly two-year fight for a fair, first contract for English as a second language teachers at Kaplan in New York City, the unit has overwhelmingly ratified an agreement that provides raises and workplace protections. “While this contract is far from perfect, it will provide job protections and benefits and have a powerful impact on Kaplan teachers in New York City and across the country.” said Emily Lessem, a teacher who chairs the New York Guild unit at the school. Photo: Happly Kaplan teachers after the vote to form their bargaining unit in 2012.