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After 19-Year Battle, Huge Win for CWA at American Airlines

After a 19-year struggle, 9,000 American Airlines passenger service agents joined together today in a vote with the members of the US Airways CWA-IBT Association to form a new bargaining unit of 14,500 agents at American Airlines. It is the largest labor organizing victory in the South in decades. Three-quarters of the agents work in Texas, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona and 2,300 are home-based reservations agents. By an 86 percent vote, airport and reservations agents overwhelmingly chose representation by the Communications Workers of America-Teamsters Association in the National Mediation Board election; results of the vote were announced this afternoon. US Airways and American Airlines merged to form the New American Airlines in 2013.

Coalition Urges UN to Make Press Freedom a Global Priority

An international coalition of journalists, media organizations and unions that met in late August in Indonesia adopted an agenda making freedom of the press a priority in the global development goals set by the United Nations and its member states. The “Bali Road Map: The Roles of the Media in Realizing the Future We Want for All,” calls on governments around the world to recognize freedom of the press as a major underpinning in “how a country shapes development, shares ideas and innovations and holds powerful actors to account.” The road map states that these goals can only be realized “where the media is free, pluralistic and independent and where there is safety for actors producing journalism.”