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Coulson 'paid by Murdoch while working for PM'

Britain's telephone hacking scandal has taken fresh political overtones, following the disclosure that Andy Coulson, former editor of News of the World, was advising the Conservative Party on handling the media at the same time as he was receiving payments from the country's largest media organizations. Coulson was appointed Director of Communications for the Conservative Party in May 2007 but continued receiving large sums of money from News Corp. through the end of the year.

Local TV Newscasts Expanding

KSDK, the Guild-represented NBC affiliate in St. Louis, is adding newscasts next month, giving it six and a half hours of local news each weekday, its highest count to date. As in many other markets, the news is starting earlier than ever in the morning, and replacing “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in the afternoon. To supply it in St. Louis, KSDK is hiring 10 people and buying new cameras and trucks.

Why capitalism is choosing Plan B

Last week, Democratic Governors in New York and Connecticut repeated the austerity politics of Greece’s Prime Minister Pappandreou and Portugal’s Socrates. Austerity for labor and the public is everywhere capitalism’s Plan B. Even capitalists now see that capitalism’s Plan A failed -- what we used to call “trickle down economics,” with recovery spreading from financial markets and financiers to everyone else. But what we really need is Plan D.

Canadians have lost a fighter. Workers have lost a champion.

Canada's labor federation today eulogized Jack Layton, lauding him for transforming the New Democratic Party "into a modern political force." The Canadian Labour Congress was the founding partner of the NDP in the 1960s, along with the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation (the NDP’s political predecessor), which began life in Saskatchewan in the 1930s and went on to establish North America's first socialist government in the 1940s.

Verizon Workers Plan to End Strike, Agreeing to Revive Talks Toward a Contract

The strike was a painful one, forcing thousands of workers and their families to live without paychecks for two weeks and hurting Verizon’s image, as many customers complained of major delays for repairs and installations. But while many C.W.A. members voiced relief that they were returning to work, others posted complaints that their union had knuckled under by ending the walkout without a settlement and with Verizon’s concession demands remaining on the table.

MediaNews delays deal to buy Freedom's newspapers

MediaNews Group Inc has delayed a deal to buy Freedom Communications Inc's newspapers due to trouble with financing, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday on its website. MediaNews has been in talks for several months with Freedom about buying the Orange County Register and more than 100 other newspapers for around $350 million, the paper said. They could revisit a deal in coming weeks.

News Corp. Buries a Whistleblower

A case study in Rupert Murdoch’s corporate culture

What happens when a low-level Rupert Murdoch employee blows the whistle on criminal wrongdoing? He gets harassed and destroyed by News Corporation. What happens when a Rupert Murdoch executive runs the company accused of said crimes, for which News Corporation eventually unloads a whopping $650 million in three settlements? He stays on as CEO and adds the title of New York Post publisher. This is the corporate culture of News Corp.

Tabloid's Pursuit of Missing Girl Led to Its Own Demise

In a new twist on the telephone hacking case in the UK, News of the World published more-detailed voice mails from Milly Dowler's phone than the police, lawmakers and the public have until recently believed. A review of two early editions of the April 14, 2002 papers found that early versions contained detailed quotes from voice mails. In the final edition, the article contained only one passing reference to a voice mail.