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Guild Joins in Global Outrage Over Journalists Jailed in Egypt

From a Guild statement today: In handing down prison sentences this morning for three Al-Jazeera journalists, Egypt seeks to intimidate all media workers dedicated to exposing its government’s brutality and corruption.It is a chilling strategy, one that all journalists, all media associations, as well as the U.S. State Department and other global democracies, must swiftly and thunderously condemn. The Newspaper Guild-CWA joins with all journalists, and all people of conscience, in that condemnation, and in demanding that Egypt immediately release Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy, and Baher Mohamed. “These men are career journalists whose backgrounds include work at the BBC and CNN. They made the ‘mistake’ of doing their jobs, of accurately portraying civil unrest in Egypt,” TNG-CWA President Bernie Lunzer said. “They were convicted on trumped-up charges in a farce of a trial, after being held in inhumane conditions for months. That could be their fate for seven to 10 more years unless we can pressure and shame Egypt into doing what is right and just.”

Grief, Worry at Philadelphia Papers in Auction's Aftermath

Guild members at Philadelphia’s newspapers have been on a roller coaster of anxiety and tragedy in recent weeks, from the papers’ auction with an unexpected, but generally welcome, outcome, to the plane crash that killed their new boss five days later. Then, more upheaval as the son of the late Lewis Katz announced he would sell his father’s shares in the company to co-owner Gerry Lenfest. The Guild hoped Drew Katz would reconsider, local Executive Director Bill Ross said. But the deal closed this week. The major concern has been the return—days after Lewis Katz’s death—of an unpopular and distrusted executive, Brian Tierney. Lenfest had promised some time ago that Tierney wouldn’t be back. His reappearance, “has been very troubling to my membership,” Ross said. But Ross is also trying to give Lenfest the benefit of the doubt amidst the chaos. "I wish him the best. I'm glad he sees the value in the three wonderful products our members produce 365 days a year. For him to spend an additional 77 million dollars to be the sole owner shows his commitment to Philadelphia and the region. Now we need to all work together and make all three products successful and profitable and put this last chapter, which included a horrible tragedy, behind us, but never forget Lewis Katz."