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Kaplan English Teachers Overwhelmingly Ratify 1st Contract

A nearly two-year fight for a fair, first contract for English as a second language teachers at Kaplan in New York City, the unit has overwhelmingly ratified an agreement that provides raises and workplace protections. “While this contract is far from perfect, it will provide job protections and benefits and have a powerful impact on Kaplan teachers in New York City and across the country.” said Emily Lessem, a teacher who chairs the New York Guild unit at the school. Photo: Happly Kaplan teachers after the vote to form their bargaining unit in 2012.

Guild Members Shine as Winners of 2014 Pulitzer Prizes

Once again, more than half of the Pulitzer Prizes announced today went to journalists in Newspaper Guild-represented newsrooms, with both individual members and Guild-represented staffs named as top winners and finalists. "We take enormous pride in the fact that Guild members and the news organizations they work for represent the very best of American journalism," TNG-CWA President Bernie Lunzer said. "The Pulitzers, like the Guild's coveted Heywood Broun award, illustrate how and why quality journalism is essential to our democracy. You don't get an informed citizenry by recycling news releases online. And that's what fills a lot of space when newsrooms are cut to the bone. The Guild is committed to the fight to preserve -- and restore -- good jobs for dedicated journalists like today's winners." Photo: New York Times photographer and Guild member, Josh Haner, gets an ovation from colleagues for his Pulitzer. Photo by Richard Perry/The New York Times.

Marnie Perlik, Activist Wife of Late Guild Leader, Dies at 90

Marion “Marnie” Ford Perlik’s remarkable life began as a globe-trotting "Army brat” and grew into a groundbreaking career as a journalist, union leader, human rights activist and, later in life, a new career as a critical care nurse. In the late 1940s, as a Chicago-based United Press reporter and Newspaper Guild representative, she recruited a new Guild member, Charles “Chuck” Perlik, Jr., who would become her husband. He would also become the Guild’s longest-serving international president. “They used to say their marriage was ‘union made,’” the couple’s children say in an obituary for their mother, who died April 3 at age 90 in Springfield, Va.

High Court Strikes Down More Campaign Finance Limits

TNG-CWA President Bernie Lunzer and other CWA members were among activists rallying outside the Supreme Court at noon today, one of 140 protests that are springing up nationwide in response to this morning's ruling that strikes down yet another campaign finance limit. By a 5-4 vote in McCutcheon vs. FEC, the Court said an individual big giver could donate an unlimited amount of money, in total, to the party candidates and committees. "It's a battle between dollars and democracy," Lunzer said.