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Guild Condemns Sun-Times Decision to Fire Photographers

The Guild issued a statement this afternoon condemning the Chicago Sun-Times' announcement today that it will lay off its entire photo staff -- 28 people, including 20 Guild members. “This is offensive and wrong on so many levels,” Guild President Bernie Lunzer said. “As a union, we are deeply concerned about the workers who are losing good, family-wage jobs. As an organization of journalists, we are appalled that any newspaper would treat its photojournalists as expendable." Graphic of empty front page by Ian W. Arsenault.

Guild Joins Fight for Federal Shield Law for Journalists

The Guild has added its name to supporters of a bipartisan federal shield law bill introduced last week in the U.S. House and promoted during a news conference Wednesday on Capitol Hill. Addressing the secret seizure of AP reporters' phone records, Guild President Bernie Lunzer said, "We are gratified that political leaders from both parties stand with us and other media organizations in calling this what it is: a dangerous assault on a free press and democracy itself. But words aren’t enough. We call on Congress to take action in the form of a federal shield law." 

Canada's 'Saint John 7' Inspire as Strike Enters 4th Month

Seven striking radio station employees -- five on-air personal personalities, a producer and a receptionist -- are now in month four of a strike against a  Rupert Murdoch wannabe in Canada's southeastern province of New Brunswick. The "Saint John 7" are inspiring union members throughout Canada and even globally as people around the world tune in to their online radio station, Radio Free Saint John.

Guild Members Casting Historic Ballots in Dayton

Dayton Guild members have just a few more hours to vote in their historic election for a new contract –- a quarter-century after they negotiated their last contract. Pictured casting her ballot today is Amelia Robinson, the local’s 1st vice president.

'Longest of Long Shots' Pays Off in Portland

Guild’s Overture to Investor Saves Maine Newspapers, Union Contract and Members’ Jobs

The story behind the story of how the Portland Newspaper Guild pulled a major victory from the jaws of near-defeat, preserving members' jobs and their union contract, and saving their community's newspapers from bankruptcy.


Russian Journalists Meet with Guild Leaders

Visiting TNG-CWA headquarters Feb. 8, six young Russian journalists had lots of questions for Guild President Bernie Lunzer and Secretary-Treasurer Carol Rothman about the role of a union representing media workers.