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Workers, Allies Picket El Diario's Brooklyn HQ Over Layoffs

NY Guild members at El Diario were joined by dozens of supporters Thursday as they picketed the newspaper’s offices to protest the illegal firings of eight Guild-represented employees and continued cost-cutting. “We will not sit back and stay quiet while ImpreMedia tries to get rid of the veteran journalists who know our neighborhoods and the issues facing our communities,” said Unit Chair Oscar Hernandez. “Spanish-speaking New Yorkers deserve high-quality journalism and that is why we are fighting to bring back our newsroom colleagues.” The workers' allies include Melissa Mark-Viverito, speaker of the New York City Council, who issued this statement: "We expect the owners and executives of El Diario/La Prensa to uphold a standard of fair and respectful treatment of workers, the union that represents them and the readership on which the paper relies. Illegal labor practices and de-unionization of positions is simply not an option in this city.”

A Tale of Two Union Organizing Drives and One University

As soon as the votes were counted Wednesday, officials at Pittsburgh’s Point Park University wasted no time welcoming and congratulating the new part-time faculty union organized by the United Steelworkers. “We are pleased that so many adjunct faculty members took the time to make their voices heard on this important issue,” university spokesman Lou Corsaro said, making clear the school will recognize and respect its new union. No such embrace was offered a decade ago – or since – to full-time faculty who voted to join The Newspaper Guild-CWA’s Pittsburgh local in 2004. Point Park University hasn’t even been to the bargaining table, refusing to recognize the union and taking the battle to the National Labor Relations Board, where it sits. Guild leaders are hopeful the new union means new momentum for the full-timers. "It's time Point Park University drops its long and expensive appeal of the will of full-time faculty to be represented by the Guild and to sit down across the bargaining table so both sides can negotiate a fair and equitable first contact,” Pittsburgh Guild President Michael Fuoco said. Photo: Point Park U's new union members celebrate victory.

SCOTUSblog Worthy of Supreme Court Press Credentials

The Guild is weighing in on the fight to restore press credentials to SCOTUSblog, the superb Supreme Court news website. SCOTUSblog has been in existence since 2002 and previously has been awarded press credentials. "How is it that news agencies run by foreign governments can qualify for credentials, while an American website providing essential legal news can’t?" the statement asks. "Simply put, SCOTUSblog has the best and most complete coverage of the Supreme Court that can be found. It is relied on by other new organizations. Its coverage is balanced, non-partisan, non-advocacy and inherently fair... We urge the Standing Committee to revisit and reverse its decision. Allow SCOTUSblog the access it needs to provide the comprehensive coverage that so many of us – journalists included -- have come to depend on."