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New Details on Philly Papers' Bold Tablet Plan

Android tablets to spur digital content adoption

Making a big bet on the tablet market, the Philadelphia Inquirer and sibling paper Philadelphia Daily News are about to start selling deeply discounted tablets containing subscriptions to its digital editions. The tablets are Arnova 10 G2 Android devices made by French consumer electronics company Archos. They will come loaded with the dailies’ three paid apps and access to the papers’ free site,

Hadi al-Mahdi, slain Iraqi journalist, had warned of threats

Radio talk show host Hadi al-Mahdi had already been detained and beaten for his outspoken criticism of Iraq’s government. Last week, as Mahdi threw himself into preparing for a protest scheduled for Friday in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, the intimidation escalated. “I have lived the last three days in a state of terror,” he wrote in a post on his Facebook page Thursday morning. Hours later he was found dead in his home, with two gunshot wounds to the head.

Lake Superior Newspaper Guild ratifies new contract

Newspaper Guild members at the Duluth News Tribune have ratified a new contract, warding off many of Forum Communications' most objectionable proposals, but forgoing across‑the‑board pay increases for the next three years. According to the local's announcement, members voted June 29 in overwhelming support of a contract that preserves seniority protections, vacation and sick benefits, as well as other important parts of the existing contract.

Report Details Rise of Social Media

As social media like blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube grow increasingly popular among consumers, marketers are seeking more data about the changing behavior of their customers. Now Nielsen, which has long provided such information about the traditional media, has released a report documenting just how large a role social media are playing in the lives of consumers.

Manufacturers Move to Block Union Rule

The National Association of Manufacturers has sued the National Labor Relations Board, seeking to block a rule requiring employers to post notices informing workers of their right to join a union and act together to improve wages and working conditions. The trade group said the board lacks the authority from Congress to enact the requirement, which will affect most private-sector companies in the U.S.

Capital gains tax rates benefiting wealthy feed growing gap between rich and poor

For the very richest Americans, low tax rates on capital gains are better than any Christmas gift. As a result of a pair of rate cuts, first under President Bill Clinton and then under Bush, most of the richest Americans pay lower overall tax rates than middle-class Americans do. And this is one reason the gap between the wealthy and the rest of the country is widening dramatically.

Sudan police confiscate newspapers

Sudanese security forces seized copies of two newspapers -- Al-Jarida and Al-Midan -- just after they were printed, a week ago, in order to prevent them being distributed. No explanation was given. Two days later, managers at Al-Jarida issued a statement pointing out that the police have confiscated copies of the paper four times in the past two months.

New York Times ventures into India with a website

The New York Times has launched India Ink, an English-language website offering news and analysis about Indian politics, culture, business, sports and lifestyle. And it's free to access, initially at least. Edited by the New York Times in India and the International Herald Tribune in Hong Kong, the venture is headed by Heather Timmons, who has covered business in India for the NYT for the last four years.