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Steppin’ out on labor’s day

SJ-R gets a sour Apple from GateHouse

GateHouse Media has more than $1 billion in debt coming due in 2014 and has never had a profitable year since becoming a publicly traded company in 2006, so it retained a consultant and earlier this month sent employees a memo long on buzzwords like “structural cost alignment” and “digital ecosystem.” What that means in the real world is that Gatehouse has been advertising online for work-from-home page designers -- to be paid a princely $24,000 a year.

Why we’re pissed Arianna Huffington is destroying Autoblog

Last night, the newly-formed Huffington Post Media Group had to fire another writer -- the second this month -- for an obvious and preventable ethical breach. In both cases, Arianna Huffington, or the editors she manages, displayed a frightening lack of hands-on management of editorial employees. Now, statements from her editors involved in yesterday's incident at AOL's Autoblog indicate a complete abdication of accountability for this lack of judgment.

Post-Dispatch Sued (Again) Over Retiree Benefits

The beleaguered St. Louis Post-Dispatch -- already fending off a lawsuit from the Newspaper Guild over retiree benefits -- now faces another suit from the union representing its mailroom workers. CWA Local 14620, also known as the St. Louis Mailers Union No. 3, It filed suit yesterday in an attempt to force the company to resume providing healthcare for the 22 retirees who were kicked off the company's plan in March.

Some Breaks in the Blackout of Wall Street Protests

After a FAIR Action Alert criticized the virtual media blackout of the Occupy Wall Street protests, corporate news coverage has increased -- sparked largely by the escalating police brutality at the ongoing demonstration. Still, most coverage remains far from unbiased, with some journalists strikingly reluctant to take videotaped evidence of police violence at face value.

House GOP tries to strip NPR of federal funding

Once again, Republican members of Congress have their eyes firmly fixed on defunding National Public Radio. The House Appropriations Committee has unveiled its latest budget proposal and among other things, it includes a provision to prohibit funds from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting from tricking down to NPR. It also requests a report from the CPB on how to wean NPR off federal funds by fiscal year 2014.

News Corp faces fresh hacking drama – around satellite TV cards

The Palace of Justice in Siracusa on the east coast of Sicily feels about as far as it gets from London or New York, yet is now the scene of the latest hacking drama involving a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. This time the alleged hacking does not involve phones, but the conditional access cards handed out by satellite TV broadcasters to paying customers which allow them to view encrypted broadcasts.