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Restaurant Trainers Proud to Join 'Newspaper' Union

In Philadelphia and a half-dozen other big cities, low-wage dishwashers, cooks and other “back of the house” restaurant staff are learning the skills they need to move up front as higher-paid servers, hosts and bartenders. They’re also learning how to fight exploitation in an industry with below-minimum wages, few if any benefits and only a tiny sliver of workers with a union voice. Recently, the people training them became members of the Philadelphia Newspaper Guild.

Column: Putting Roadblocks in the Race to the Bottom

If you’re like me, you read all the media analysts and prognosticators, madly trying to gain an understanding of where things are, what the opportunities are, what is the future of our industry? As a union activist, I’m painfully aware of what’s not being measured or talked about, at least not by the majority of folks making decisions. Very few of them are talking about the quality of the news product. What you hear instead is a chorus of, “We can do more with less.”

Balancing Political Action With Conflict of Interest

Is it ever OK for journalists to take a stand politically? “With endorsements of legislation and ballot measures in California and Missouri, two Guild locals have decided the answer is a conditional “yes.”

Sussman Says He'll Keep Hands Off News Coverage

MaineToday Media investor Donald Sussman is pledging to stay out of news decisions, and Guild-represented reporters plan to hold him to it. A sidebar to "Longest of Long Shots Pays Off in Portland."