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'Unconference' for young workers coming to Twin Cities next month

With an eye toward developing the next generation of labor activists – and giving their movement a much-needed shot of youthful energy – leaders of the AFL-CIO are bringing Next Up, a summit for young workers, to the Twin Cities next month. Geared toward workers under 35, Next Up is “a creative, dynamic summit designed for young workers, by young workers.” It will take place Sept. 29 to Oct. 2 in Minneapolis, and is open to union and non-union workers alike.

Washington’s Anti-Regulatory Crusade, and Why Your Job Hasn’t Killed You Yet

On the campaign trail, Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry is spreading the gospel of Perrynomics—a magical job-creation formula based on minimal government regulation of industry, combined with tiny tax rates and tight controls on lawsuits. In a state that seems inclined to cannibalize its own government, this agenda plays well. But a closer look reveals the high price of low regulation.

Guido Fawkes urges bloggers not to give HuffPo free ride

Blogger Paul Staines has launched a campaign urging bloggers not to give their work away free on the Huffington Post, but instead to join his MessageSpace network of political blogs. Staines said that MessageSpace has paid out hundreds of thousands to blog publishers over the last five years under its 50/50 revenue split model. Huffington Post does not pay its bloggers anything.

Glenn Mulcaire ordered to reveal who told him to hack phones

Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator at the centre of the News of the World phone hacking, has been ordered by a court to reveal who instructed him to access the voicemails of model Elle MacPherson and five other public figures including Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes. Mulcaire is due to reveal these details by the end of next week in a move that will throw further light on the scale of phone hacking at the now defunct News International tabloid.

Report: Cell phone use could reduce sperm count

Gentlemen, your cell phone could be your closest enemy. According to an Italian report published in the Journal of Andrology, researchers in the United States and around the world have found that the radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones may decrease sperm count and damage sperm quality. Though still inconclusive, the research focuses on several studies on both human and animal sperm.

Are the media ignoring Ron Paul?

In the days after his runner-up finish to Michele Bachmann in Iowa’s August 13 GOP straw poll, Texas Congressman Ron Paul complained about a lack of media coverage, accusing the press of being “frightened by me challenging the status quo and the establishment." Turns out he's got a right to complain: an analysis of campaign coverage this year indicates he is the 10th leading election newsmaker -- trailing far behind non-candidates Donald Trump and Sarah Palin.

Let's Learn the Right Lessons from Wisconsin

The Wisconsin uprising was the awakening that labor movement activists had long hoped for, but the recall elections turned out to be an education opportunity lost. The only ads that discussed union rights came from the other side. The millions of dollars in commercials in support of the Democrats did not talk about unions, the history of the labor movement, what we have done to create our modern society, or why it is important for our collective future that unions thrive.

Wisconsin Democrats Score Two More Recall Wins as Voters Reject a GOP Governor's Anti-Labor Agenda

Now that the volley of recall elections in Wisconsin is over, what does it all mean? Just this: for all the talk of Republican “wins” this year, the reality is that the Democrats have the far better record of winning competitive races. That’s a significant shift from 2010, when the Republicans had the advantage. And it has Democrats in Wisconsin and across the country celebrating.