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'Longest of Long Shots' Pays Off in Portland

Guild’s Overture to Investor Saves Maine Newspapers, Union Contract and Members’ Jobs

The story behind the story of how the Portland Newspaper Guild pulled a major victory from the jaws of near-defeat, preserving members' jobs and their union contract, and saving their community's newspapers from bankruptcy.


Why Did Robert Douglas Die?

The Tragic Consequences of an Employer’s Broken Promise

Stripped of the retiree health care his company had promised and turned down for Medicare, laid-off St. Louis Post-Dispatch clerk Robert Douglas couldn't afford regular medicine and doctors' care for his diabetes and high blood pressure. The consequences were tragic. 

Guild Holds Silent Protest at The New York Times

Fighting for a fair contract, between 200 and 300 New York Times Guild members lined a third floor hallway in silent protest Wednesday afternoon as top editors headed to the daily Page One meeting.