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Northeast Ohio Guild Members Debut Labor Song at Rally

A labor song written and performed by two members of the Repository Guild unit of the Northeast Ohio Newspaper Guild-CWA, Local 1, was the highlight of a recent community rally in Canton, Ohio, one of many actions the local has taken to draw attention to their fight.

Sherman Miller, left, and vocalist Jennifer Randell perform their new labor song.

One-Stop Shopping: Guild Newspapers, Guild Doughnuts

You’re racing through New York’s Penn Station with just enough time to grab coffee and a doughnut. Speed walk your way right past that other national chain and head into one of two – soon to be three – Hudson News stores with new full-service Dunkin’ Donuts shops. You’ll be buying pastry with a union label – more specifically, treats and sandwiches baked and sold by 60 of the newest members of The Newspaper Guild-CWA.

PhotoNY Guild Rep. Anthony Napoli makes a purchase from new Guild member Yanil Astacio at the May 30 grand opening of the combined Hudson News-Dunkin' Donuts shops at Penn Station.