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Buffalo Training Takes Guild Leaders From Theory to Practice

Fifteen Guild leaders from seven Great Lakes-area locals gathered in Buffalo last weekend for "Re-Imagining Leadership," an intense, immersive experience that used participatory exercises to move from theories of leadership to practical and fresh ways to solve challenging issues. Photo: Erie local Secretary Jennifer DeCecco.

CWA: Supreme Court Decision Is 'Big Victory for 99 Percent'

Shortly after this morning's Supreme Court ruling upholding the major provisions of President Obama's Affordable Care Act, CWA leaders called it a "big victory for the 99 percent," and said, "The Obama administration worked to bring together all the parties in our current system: consumers, insurers, providers, health care facilities, and employers. Congress held lengthy debates and difficult votes. The Affordable Care Act is an important first step toward true health care reform." Photo by Cara Gordon, TNG-CWA, outside Supreme Court Thursday morning.

Battle at AT&T: 'You Say Cut Back? We Say Fight Back!'

CWA members from throughout California traveled to Sacramento on Wednesday to for a rally at the state capitol calling attention to AT&T's corporate greed. "When AT&T sends jobs away, it doesn't just hurt the workers of AT&T -- it hurts all of us," said Art Pulaski, head of the California Labor Federation. Photos: Scenes from the rally, including Pulaski speaking.