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Manchester Girds for Bigger Battle as UL Declares 'Impasse'

The publisher of The Union Leader has notified the Manchester Newspaper Guild that the company is declaring “impasse” and will impose its ruthless “last, best final offer” on members. Under those terms, Guild leaders said workers will probably begin seeing an 18 percent pay cut at the start of the next pay period, March 9. That drastic cut follows years of Guild concessions on wages and benefits. In a message to members, local President Norm Welsh noted a particular sentence from the publisher's email: "...we believe the Union Leader can survive and achieve success if we are able to rein in our spending on the Guild bargaining unit." "In other words, these people think they would be successful, if only they didn't have to compensate YOU, who make their product 'Newspaper of the Year.' YOU are the problem!," Welsh wrote. Photo: Manchester members picket company-sponsored spelling bee.

Why All Workers Should Care About Organizing the South

Unions must organize workers in the South, not just to improve the lives of workers in that region, but also to stop its anti-union laws from spreading any further into the rest of the country. That was one of many takeaways from a panel discussion at Duke University, where about 150 activists gathered just three days after the narrow union loss at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. “Folks in New York or California may wonder why they should care about the South,” said MaryBe McMillan, secretary-treasurer of the N.C. AFL-CIO. “Well unfortunately, the problems of the South are quickly becoming the problems of the nation."

United Media Guild, Detroit Unveil New Logos for New Era

It's new logos for two locals. It’s also evidence of what two newspapers have lost in talent: Both logos were created by artists whose papers laid them off. The growing St. Louis-based United Media Guild now displays its name and slogan around a raised fist clutching a rolled-up newspaper. The previous logo featured the famous St. Louis arch, but the local has grown well beyond the city. Detroit's logo has "a retro feel that (we) felt well represented our history,” Local Administrative Officer Lou Grieco said.

CWA Growth Fund invests In Guild's Future

A $211,000 grant from the CWA Growth Fund is helping the Guild focus on strengthening our ties to activists in five key groups: freelancers, journalism students Spanish-language media workers, independent interpreters and First Amendment advocates. With this work we aim to broaden significantly what it means to be a Guild member or ally. In each case, we reach beyond traditional membership models to try new ways of connecting to our fellow media and communications workers.