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Manchester Guild Files 7-Count ULP Against Union Leader

The Manchester Newspaper Guild, which will picket the Union Leader's spelling bee Saturday, today filed a 7-count unfair labor practice complaint against their employer with the NRLB. "Our complaint, as well as one the company has filed against the local alleging 'bad faith bargaining,' mark a new and unprecedented LOW in the 72-year history of labor relations between our local and The New Hampshire Union Leader," Guild leaders told members in an email Friday night. "At the same time, our efforts together to mobilize both ourselves and the public in our opposition to the company's proposals has made a real difference. It really isn't a coincidence the company has retracted its retroactive pay and insurance proposals. Your picketing, and billboard, and personnel file requests and petition and stickers and tent cards and all the other actions we've taken together helped make that happen." Photo: Feb. 9 picket outside company event.

Keeping Our Union Strong Through Action and Thrift

Two things you should know as a Guild member right now: One, we unabashedly will be urging you to get involved in social justice and political action, especially when issues directly affect journalists and union members. Two, we are being frugal with your dues to keep our union viable in a difficult time. Photo: In past civil rights battles, Guild members have turned out for rallies and demonstrations. Here, Guild members march in Cleveland in 1983 for the Equal Rights Amendment.

Bullying on the Job: Workplace Culture Can Be Changed

Parents and school leaders discourage bullying in school and on the playground, but it is still widely allowed in many workplaces. Employees at New York’s Albany Times Union and Kingston Daily Freeman know this all too well. In the advertising departments, especially, workers have faced harsh treatment and turned to their Guild locals for help. While the locals filed unfair labor practice charges in specific cases, leaders saw an opportunity to do more: a training session for members on workplace bullying.  “This is a phenomenon that has serious consequences,” facilitator KC Wagner said. "This is not something that is just happening in your head. This isn’t just the union doing its thing.”