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Journalists' Letter to Obama Criticizes Lack of Transparency

Journalism and open government groups, including The Newspaper Guild-CWA, are accusing the Obama administration of failing to uphold the president’s stated commitment to “an unprecedented level of openness in government and transparency.” In a July letter to Obama, the organizations reminded him of his inaugural pledge “to bring a new era of openness” to federal government. Instead, the letter says, the administration has “engaged in a form of censorship by attempting to control what the public is allowed to see and hear.”

New 'Right to Report' Blog Key to First Amendment Project

Retired New York Times reporter and former Guild officer Lena Williams (pictured) introduces the "Right to Report" blog, a key part of the national Guild's campaign to fight the growing threats to First Amendment rights. Whether dealing with local police, state legislatures, federal agencies or any other government office, journalists -- and citizens, who have all the same rights -- are being denied access to public records and meetings, and are being harassed and even arrested for taking photos in public. At the federal level, journalists have been threatened with prison for refusing to reveal sources, while would-be whistle-blowers clam up for fear of going to jail themselves. “Right to Report is about tracking the erosion of free-press rights, and building the strongest, most effective coalition we can to fight back," Newspaper Guild President Bernie Lunzer said. “We will make it clear that no matter how divided Americans may be politically, when it comes to the First Amendment, we speak with one voice.”